In 2012 the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities introduced the Early Action for Success initiative as an early intervention strategy across around fifty schools. As part of this important project Curran Public School and a hub of four other local schools were granted additional personnel and financial resources. The personnel were in the form of two Instructional Leaders. This role of Instructional Leader – Literacy and Numeracy is to work in close collaboration with principals and teachers in:

                            *Leading the process of realigning the school plan to clearly describe the shared expectations and targets for improvement in literacy and numeracy outcomes for students in the early years. This process will include the realignment of school resources to focus on evidence-based strategies that build teacher capacity to achieve improved learning outcomes for students.

                            *Leading the professional learning of teachers through an analysis of the impact of instructional techniques and the improvement that can be achieved through the use of explicit strategies for both assessment and teaching.

                            *Enhancing the instructional connection between the teacher, the student and the learning content through an explicit and iterative focus on the collection and use of student assessment data and explicit teaching strategies.

                            *Strengthening the whole school commitment to school improvement through extensive professional learning with the school executive team and aspiring leaders to build leadership density.

                            *Establishing and strengthening in-school systems for the collaborative process of lesson design, assessment of 
student work, lesson observation and teacher feedback.

                            *Leading local decision-making regarding the choice of literacy and numeracy intervention strategies based on the analysis of student learning needs. 

The Instructional Leader appointed to Curran PS for 2017, 2018 and 2019 is Mrs Emma Stirling.