PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) is a research based, systemic approach to social learning and behaviour being implemented at Curran PS. Through PBL we actively teach students the interpersonal skills needed to achieve success in life. By actively teaching students clear expectations and the value of positive interactions we aim to increase their engagement with school and success in academic learning. For further information on PBL you can visit:




Playzone provides our students with engaging, active cooperative play during our lunch breaks. With the supervision of teachers, Playzone is a safe place where students can learn how to deal with the demands of social interaction appropriately.

Playzone also provides members of our student representative council with an opportunity to be responsible, reliable and pro-active, in making our school a fun and engaging place to be.

Rule of the week!

Excursions and PSSA: Be respectful

– Be polite to the public

– Represent our school with pride

– Encourage others

– Listen and follow teachers instructions