Our School Logo

School Logo Maroon[1]

The Meaning of the Symbols: 

The Circles: These represent “Curran Collaborative Community”. Curran’s belief is that students / teachers / parents and the community join as partners in providing positive learning outcomes for all children at the school.
They represent the growth circles of the tree. Curran believes in the continuous nurturing of students in their growth as life long learners.

The Trees: These symbolize the growth of the learner into a whole and totally unique individual.
They also acknowledge that Curran School was named after the woodcutter ‘Curran’ who settled in the area.
They represent the growth and continuous changing of the area and its community.

Our Motto 

The School Motto is “LEARNING TO LEARN”
At Curran Public School we believe that schooling is just one step along a lifetime of learning. If school can continue to give each student the tools necessary to pursue their learning journey, then we have succeeded as partners in this process.