At Curran we strive to provide the best possible learning environment for all children. As parents/carers you are the first and most important teachers in your child’s life and we believe that supporting you as parents/carers is essential to the success of your child’s success. Effective learning is always a combination of play and hard work so we strive to provide a variety of fun activities, outings and educational meetings for parents/carers to meet together, relax and exchange ideas in a friendly and supportive environment over a cuppa and some snacks.

Would you like to attend a beauty and make up get together, learn how to use computers, learn first aid or discover fun games that will teach your kids maths and reading without them even knowing they’re learning? You’re interested in something different? Please let us know! We wish to seek your input and ideas about where and how you want our school to cater to your and your child’s needs.

The CLO, Agnieszka Kaczmarz, is at school every Wednesday to answer your questions, discuss with you how the school can support you and organise all sorts of great get togethers, for fun and learning. Feel free to drop in for a chat with her at any time.