Schools as Community Centre

There are 45 Schools as Community Centres Projects in Primary schools Across NSW

Curran Primary school in Macquarie Fields is one of the oldest and has been operating for over 19 years.

 This project is funded through Family and Community Serivces to assist vulnerable families in The Macquarie Fields Area.

 What does a community centre provide?

  • · Playgroups for children 0-5
  • · Transition to school playgroup for children going to school the following year
  • · Organised interest courses such as parenting, computer, craft  and swimming
  • · Advice and referrals for family problems



community centre timetable


Viviane Fallah
Local Facilitator
Schools as Community Centres
Curran Public School | Melaleuca Drive, Macquarie Fields NSW 2564
Ph 02 9829 5231 | Fax 02 9829 3973