Curran Future Problem Solvers – ‘Parents as Partners’ project in the US

Our Project focuses on building strong community partnerships to support learning in and out of the home. Our team want every student entering Kindergarten to have strong learning foundations and be set up on a successful schooling pathway.  

The success of the project has meant it is now part our transition to school program where students became teachers and parents became partners in learning. It has had great impact on our community and the wider community building stronger home/ school links. We as a team recognised the power that education gives us and we wanted it for our community.

To create a project that makes a difference to their community and then present it in an international forum is an amazing achievement. The students have already gained so much from the new collaborative working, problem-solving and leadership skills they have learned. 

We now need your help.

As Australian Champions, we have been invited to the Future Problem Solving International Conference with other schools from around the world in Wisconsin, USA, in June! This trip will be most of our students first time overseas and knowing their work benefits families, gives their wider Macquarie Fields community a sense of pride in its educational outcomes.

Last year’s team placed 3rd in the world. This year with a renewed focus on community improvement the team is ready to make that result better.

The Curran Public School community is doing all it can to assist in covering the costs. However we can’t do this on our own – the costs of airfares and accommodation for the US trip is just too prohibitive for the students’ families and the school budget. Please help us send our team to represent Australia at the International Conference in Wisconsin next year. Your support will give our team and the Macquarie Fields community the opportunity of a lifetime.

To support the Curran Future Problem Solvers please visit: https://www.schoolsplus.org.au/parents-as-partners/